I was born in Brno in the Czech Republic. I studied at the Technical School of Arts in Brno, specialising in Graphic Arts. I then completed a Diploma of Education at the J.E. Purkyne University of Education (Czech Republic) in 1989.

I began teaching at the Elementary School of Arts in Mokra u Brna and Slapanice (Czech Republic) in 1986, where I taught until June, 2000. During this time I organised many student art exhibitions. The students’ artworks in many mediums, such as wire, clay, paper and plastic, as well as their drawings, prints, paintings and craftwork, highlighted the creativity of my teaching techniques and displayed outstanding use of imagination.

Privately I also tutored undergraduate students leading up to their examinations. These students were then successful in being accepted for further study at the University of Arts in Prague. At the same time I also established my own Graphic Design business. I worked with many clients, developing my own ideas in the fields of visual arts, design and in the use of new technology. I worked cooperatively with many other firms, Graphic design studios, printers and artists.

In the process of establishing my own business I developed excellent communication skills, a strong work ethic and the ability to perform well under pressure. In the space of 7 years my Graphic Design studio was firmly established and well known in Brno, the city of my birth.

I have lived in Adelaide since December 2000 and have become an Australian citizen. I perfected my English language skills while studying at the University of South Australia. In 2007 I completed the Bachelor of Visual Arts at University of South Australia with a specialisation in drawing. My outstanding results led to being accepted as an Honours student this year (2008) and lately Masters Degree specialising in Printmaking.

During years of living in South Australia I was partly working as a teacher of Art in a few private as well as public schools and as a graphic designer in the Graphic Art business (via CV). I was also occasionally working at University of South Australia in printmaking studio as an assistant. Since 2011 I am teaching Art in Special Unit of Para Hills High School specialising for students with special needs and autism.

In October 2008 an exhibition of my works was on display at the Pepper Street Gallery in Magill (South Australia). In September 2009 supported by Government of the Czech Republic presented my art research project Inside Out (about the issue of Migration) in the Gallery of Dum Panu z Kunstatu, Brno. In 2012 supported by an Australian Embassy in Poland and Ministry of Foreign Affair of the Czech Republic I successfully exhibited my artwork named Code Gigas in Prague at the Gallery of Art Critics in Palace Adria.