Under the skin: seeing more than the surface. (Imaging the Unseen)

The visualisation of the invisible by dissecting the internal body can be perceived as a metaphor for looking beneath the surface to reveal hidden emotions, which relate to the turbulence of migration and portray the dialogue between human soul and consciousness.


The project with its original name Inside Out is a project which recreates the emotions related to cultural displacement; the turbulence of migration, cultural difference, integration, homesickness, loneliness and stability. It investigates the relationship between a state of mind and the experiencing of almost physical pain. It is a journey inside the mind and body to externalise the pain and blends visual, psychological and social aspects of the experience of displacement. It uses dissection as a metaphor to decode, descend, separate and analyse this journey to the inner core of pain and the emotions associated with it. This investigation is presented as a conversation between printmaking, drawing, objects and installation, starting from the premise that each material and technique has its own particular language. Made during the year 2010 and 2011, the art project moves to the level of search and discovery related to human soul and consciousness. The last drawings not only depict the structure of the human organs in greater detail, but also allow one to imagine their state of physical and emotional wellbeing. I have also made the attempt to tie the spiritual world.